Characteristics of An iPhone 7

Characteristics of An iPhone 7

To begin to understand about IPhone you should know that they are given by different generations, each presenting certain improvements. For example, the Apple iPhone 7 model is nothing more than the successor to the iPhone 6s that improved its characteristics. It is clear that this IPhone retains many important details of its exterior design.

 There are several features that you see improvements made and that are worth mentioning in this article. Worcester buyers can continue to consider the IPhone7 among Apple's greatest options. The A10 fusion chip greatly improved the performance of the capabilities to do various functions on the phone.

A variation between the previous model and the IPhone seven is that the home button is now touch-sensitive. The stereo speakers were also improvements that for the year of launch of this IPhone caused great admiration. The water resistance of this phone is better than the previous model released by Apple.

The camera like that of other equipment before and after is 12 megapixels giving beautiful scenes to remember. The RAM of this phone is 2 GB being good even for 2020 showing a lot of functionality in the phone. In the market ´you can find used IPhone 7 equipment with a storage of 32, 128 or 256 GB.

There are several features that the IPhone 7 has that are worth looking into.

  1. Connectivity.

This team like other smartphones has several ways to connect being useful to you in Worcester. The IPhone 7 can be connected with:

- It connects perfectly to the 4G internet network

- They have a connection to Bluetooth 4.2

- Connects with Wifi networks

  1. Battery.

The battery of this equipment is an improved version of the previous generations lasting longer. The 1,960 mAh battery makes you enjoy hours of continuous use.

- Phone dimensions.

The dimensions of the equipment make this a phone that can be easily carried to several places. The dimensions of the IPhone 7 are 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 millimeters, weighing only 138 grams.

Positive points of the IPhone 7.

  1. it’s quick to take pictures and record videos so you don't miss out on any family moments. This equipment serves to take it to your adventures recording videos of all the adventures. Thanks to the automatic adjustment of the camera it adapts to outdoor situations.
  2. Hardware power is greatly improved compared to previous generations
  3. The value of this equipment in Worcester is low thanks to Gorilla Phones having very feasible values
  4. The design of this equipment is very innovative, having very beautiful colors to choose from.
  5. The screen is excellent and does not exaggerate too much because you can carry it in a pocket of your pants


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